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    What are the advantages of using blue cut lenses in nowadays?

    What are the advantages of using blue cut lenses in nowadays?

    Blue cut lenses by Gulati optical features are that the special coating that reflects harmful blue light and restricts it from passing through the lenses of your eyeglasses. Blue light is emitted from computer and mobile screens and long term exposure to this type of light increases the chances of retinal damage. Hence, wearing eyeglasses having blue cut lenses while working on digital devices is a must as it may help in reducing the risk of developing eye-related problems.

    Our eyes are exposed to blue-violet rays which are emitted From digital devices like tv, computer, smartphones, etc. Not all the blue-violet rays are harmful as the study says 80% of them emitted from digital devices are really harmful whereas the remaining 20% available in the atmosphere are essential and required to balance circadian rhythm.

    Thus blue-cut lenses block entire blue-violet rays including laser which is not really required as it also blocks essential blue-violet rays. Correcting your question anti-glare is not the right word as it should be anti-reflective. Anti-glare is only polarised lenses.
    To conclude I have mentioned your advantages but I recommend avoid the purchase of such duplicate lenses and ask for branded ethical good lenses.

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